Fixing Samsung 2493HM not turning screen on, blue LED blinking

So I have a somewhat old Samsung 2493HM LCD monitor, which stopped turning on. The blue indicator LED would start blinking really short with a 1 second interval or so, but not turn solid on, and screen show an image. Sometimes if it stood blinking, it would suddenly turn on and screen would work fine, until powered off, and it would do the same again. This in my head sounded like a bad capacitor, so I disassembled the screen to investigate.

This is quite easy: Remove the 4 screws in the back on the bottom.

Remove these 4 screws

Then there’s a small notch in the bottom where you can insert something flat, and then simply pull the back cover off, use some force, it’ll be fine (hopefully).

Disconnect the CCFL headers to the left by pushing the gray small connectors’ tabs and pull backwards.

Remember! This is CCFL, so high voltage shit! Disconnect the power connector to the CCFL voltage board at the metal housing to the left.

Then the two cables at the lower right. Note the one I’ve marked here is quite fragile, I broke one of the wires, so the front buttons didn’t work until I rewired it.

Turn the whole block upwards. Theres a LVDS cable going from the A/D controller board to the right, disconnect that either by the screen or by the board. You can now move the whole block freely.

I didn’t take pictures of this, apparently, but most likely you can find a disassembly guide otherwise.

The power board has 4 screws, remove those, and the pull the ESD/grounding tape at the top to be able to remove the board. Note, again there are some high voltage capacitors here, especially a 450V/82uF sucker. Now inspecting the capacitors I found that this 2200uF/10V electrolytical capacitor (marked in red) had bulged and also it looks like it has leaked in the top.

Position of the leaked 2200uF cap.
That is one broken e-cap…

Anyways, I replaced this with a new, and presto, screen works a charm again 🙂

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