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JVC IF-C01COMG Clone Full-size THT Edition

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

So since I released the IF-C01COMG designs some years ago, several people asked me to make a full-sized card, I decided to finally do so. The result is this:

The IF-C01COMG THT clone

So this is basically my original THT base board thrown onto a full size PCB. The original was divided into two parts, mainly because of PCB pricing, which has now been reduced significantly by manufacturers like JLCPCB and so on. To use the available space, the complete BOM is written directly on the silkscreen along with various assembly instructions.

The board supports having either SCART or BNC connectors mounted, and has different audio options: When using SCART, the switch between the two RCAs select either passing the stereo from SCART to the RCAs or send it through a mono-mixing circuit to the internal speaker of the monitor, selected through SW1 switch. When using BNCs, the RCAs can be used as an input instead, running through the same mixing circuit. In that case SW1 should not be mounted, and needs bridging of a couple of pads (explained on the board).

I chose to use THT as I know some people find using SMD components a daunting task, so this should be possible to solder for most people.

You can find the complete Kicad project here, including the gerber files (found in the plot directory). The fil can be directly uploaded to PCB manufacturers that don’t support direct kicad_pcb files (like JLCPCB).