BKM-129X compatible, full size version

So, latest addition to the family of BKM-129X compatibles, is a full size BNC version.

BKM-129X compatible, full size version

This is functionally quite close to the original, as it now has BNC outputs also. Since I couldn’t find BNC plugs featuring auto-termination (at a reasonable cost at least), I decided to add a switch to each signal which will either terminate to 75 Ohm, or enable passthrough of the signal to the OUT port.

Top view

It is then possible to set the switches to OFF (down) and use external terminators, or simply skip mounting the switches altogether, and add a jumper/0 Ohm resistor to the lower left two pins of each switch footprint, and then use external terminators.

The board requires the same Arduino with the BKM-129X-MCU code, directly programmed to the Arduino with a programmer (read some of my previous posts regarding this).

The MCU code is here: https://github.com/skumlos/bkm-129x-mcu

The Kicad project for the board here: https://github.com/skumlos/bkm-129x-simple-full

The 3D printable bracket here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4462796

Card inserted to PVM-9L2
Two 9L2s connected, bottom is the full size card (before bracket)
SNES with passthrough

Please copy, share, produce and become rich, of this 🙂

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